S-T4T Evangelism Process-Part 1

S-T4T: Training participants, not spectators

 Storying T4T equips believers to share their faith effectively, disciple others, and train others to do the same. It is an intentional church-planting strategy founded on stories from God’s Word. It makes his Word available to all people in a way they can understand, respond to and reproduce.


S-T4T is not a training event. It is a systematic approach to evangelism and life-on-life discipleship that results in reproducing churches. It is not a series of lessons to be taught. It is a program in which believers meet regularly for fellowship, worship, accountability, and discipleship.


So, as S-T4T combines oral communication with the principles of T4T, the intentionality of reproductive church planting in T4T becomes accessible to the world of those who do not communicate via literate means. The worldview-sensitive communication of God’s Word through storying is infused with the intentionality and accountability of T4T. Now T4T practitioners have the tools they need to communicate to oral learners, and Bible storying practitioners have the tools to see stories used to plant reproducing churches.

uDisciple brings all of the resources from one of the most highly effective Church Planting Movement tools directly to your finger tips. Some of the resources included:


- Church Formation Training stories with the audio

- Chronological Bible Storying with audio

- Storying Training 4 Trainers


Easily share parts of the lessons and stories with others using instant messaging, twitter, facebook, email, and more!


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S-T4T merges two best practices in the fields of church planting and cross-cultural communication to form a highly transferable model of training trainers to effectively share God’s Word, make disciples, and plant churches.